vf_get_property_ex(3) vf_get_property_ex()


#include <../vformat/vf_iface.h>

extern bool_t vf_get_property_ex
       VF_PROP_T **pp_prop,

       VF_OBJECT_T *p_object,

       vf_get_t ops,

       const char *p_group,

       const char *p_name,

       const char *p_qualifier,

       char args



VF_PROP_T **pp_prop
Output pointer.
VF_OBJECT_T *p_object
Object to search.
vf_get_t ops
Search flags.
const char *p_group
Group name if any.
const char *p_name
Name of tag.
const char *p_qualifier
First qualifier if any.
char args
Argument list.


The grunt behind vf_get_property(). Manages the search as described vf_get_property() but takes the list of arguments as a va_list. This function should be used when writing higher layer functions which take varargs (eg. DDX functions).


TRUE iff found/added successfully. Ptr to prop returned via pp_prop.