vidalia(1) Controller GUI for tor


vidalia [options]


Vidalia allows you to start and stop Tor, view the status of Tor at a glance, and monitor Tor's bandwidth usage. Vidalia also makes it easy to contribute to the Tor network by helping you setup a Tor server, if you wish. To find more information about what Tor is and how to use it, see the Tor homepage:


-help Displays this usage message and exits.
Resets ALL stored Vidalia settings.
-datadir <directory>
Sets Vidalia's datadir to <directory>
-pidfile <directory/pidfile>
Sets Vidalia's pidfile to <directory/pidfile>
-logfile <file>
Sets the name and location of Vidalia's log file. If this option is specified without a loglevel, the default level of 'notice' will be used.
-loglevel [debug|info|notice|warn|error]
Sets the verbosity of Vidalia's logging. If this option is specified without a logfile, the log messages will be printed to stdout.
-style <directory>
Sets Vidalia's interface style. [Windows|Motif|CDE|Plastique]
-lang <langcode>
Sets Vidalia's language. Run Vidalia with the -help option to see a list of available language codes.


Matt Edman <[email protected]>
Justin Hipple <[email protected]>

This manpage was written by Alexander Wirt <[email protected]> for the Debian Distribution (but may be used by others).