vifmrc-converter(1) a helper script for vifm


Only called automagically from within vifm

vifmrc-converter 0|1|2 [vifmrc_file vifminfo_file]


A helper script for vifm, not for standalone use.

It's main purpose is to automatically convert configuration files (vifmrc, vifminfo, startup and colorschemes files) of vifm prior to 0.7 version to new format. You don't have to run it by yourself, vifm will do this for you after asking some questions at first startup.

Makes vifmrc-converter create more vi-like configuration. Will put as much as possible to vifmrc file, and less to vifminfo.
Makes vifmrc-converter create more old-vifm-like configuration. vifmrc file is generated as for 0, but with commented out commands and more things are put to vifminfo file.
Converting of colorscheme file only.

When vifmrc_file and vifminfo_file arguments are ommited, default locations are used (~/.vifm/vifmrc and ~/.vifm/vifminfo accordingly).


This manual page was written by Hendrik Jaeger <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
Updated with some details by xaizek <[email protected]>.