vinvert(1) invert image pixel values


vinvert [option ...] [infile] [outfile]


vinvert inverts each input image to produce a corresponding output image. The operation is suitable for swapping black and white in a grey-scale image.

Each output pixel is computed from the corresponding input pixel by

out-pixel = M - in-pixel

where M is the maximum value allowed by the pixel representation, or 1 in the case of float or double pixels. Input pixel values must lie in the range [0,M].

Each output image has the same number of bands, rows and columns, and the same pixel representation, as the corresponding input image.


vinvert accepts the following options:
Prints a message describing options.
-in infile
Specifies a Vista data file containing the input images.
-out outfile
Specifies where to write the output images as a Vista data file.

Input and output files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input and output streams.


Art Pope <[email protected]>