virtaal(1) Graphical translation editor


virtaal [options] [translation_file]


Virtaal is a Graphical translation editor. It uses the Translate Toolkit to get access to translation files and therefore can edit a variety of files (including PO and XLIFF files).

Automatic completion, spellchecking and correction can be provided by installing the python-gtkspell and libreoffice-common packages.


Turn on logging, storing the result to the supplied filename.
Use the configuration file given by the supplied filename.
show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit


Continue with the next message.
Copy the original string into the target field.
Modify the state one step forward, i.e tag unit with marker Needs work as Translated and go to the next unit.
Modify the state one step back, i.e. tag unit as Needs work and go to the next unit.
Move between translations.
Move in large steps between translations.