Vitacilina(3) AXAh, quA~X buena medicina!


A simple feeds engine exporter that uses YAML to get list of feeds and TT as templating system. Some people would call it an aggregator. It was intended to be a reliable Planet (<>) alternative, then some development ideas evolved into rFeed ( Vitacilina runs on production services on a couple of systems.


use Vitacilina;
my $v = Vitacilina->new(
config => 'config.yaml',
template => '',
output => 'output.html',
limit => '20',



The "config" parameter specifies the path to a YAML file specifying a list of feeds. Use this format:
   name: Some Cool Feed
   name: InfinitePigTheorem


A "Template::Toolkit" file which will be taken as the template for output. Format:

 [% FOREACH p IN data %]
  <a href="[% p.permalink %]">[% p.title %]</a>
   by <a href="[% p.channelUrl %]">[% %]</a>
  <br />
 [% END %]

The "data" is an ordered array with a bunch of hashes with the simple data such as "permalink", "title", "channelUrl", "author", etc.


File path where the output will be written.


Take a look at the "examples/" directory for fully working example.


David Moreno, [email protected] Alexandr Ciornii contributed with patches.


Copyright (C) 2009 by David Moreno.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.