vite(1) a visual trace explorer


vite -h
vite [-f|-a] file_path [-e export_path] [-t [time_init]:[time_end]]


ViTE is a visual trace explorer. It is a useful tool for profiling and debugging parallel programs (multi-process or multi-core).
ViTE reads program execution trace data from file (currently in Pajé trace format) and display it in a graphical interface. Program execution data could be a state (drawn as a colored rectangle - color depends of the kind of state), an event (drawn as a green disc) or a communication between two processes (drawn as a white arrow).


ViTE accepts the following options:
Display help.
-f file_path
Open the file_path file.
-a file_path
Open the file_path file and display it entirely.
-e export_path
Export the opened trace file (with -f or -a option) to the export_path file in SVG format.
-t [time_init]:[time_end]
Just parse trace from time_init to time_end.
If time_init is missed, trace will be parsed from the minimum time to time_end.
If time_end is missed, trace will be parsed from time_init to the maximum time.


ViTE was created by a group of french engineering school students for the INRIA research center.


Report bugs to ViTE developers <[email protected]>.


ViTE was released under the CeCILL-A licence. The content can be found here:

Copyright © 2009 Kevin COULOMB
Copyright © 2009 Johnny JAZEIX
Copyright © 2009 Olivier LAGRASSE
Copyright © 2009 Jule MARCOUEILLE
Copyright © 2009 Pascal NOISETTE
Copyright © 2009 Arthur REDONDY
Copyright © 2009 Clément VUCHENER

This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.