vlimit(8) limits context-resources


vlimit [--xid|-c <xid>] [-nd] [-a|--all] [[-MSH] --(<resource>|<nr>) <value>]*


[--dir <pathname> [--missingok]] [--] [<program> <args>*]


-c|--xid <xid>
operate on context <xid>
... show all available limits
... do not resolve limit-names
... show limits in decimal
... set Minimum limit
... set Soft limit
... set Hard limit (assumed by default, when neither M nor S was requested)
--dir <pathname>
read limits from <pathname>/; allowed filenames are <resource> and <resource>.{min,soft,hard}. When a limit was set by the CLI already, the corresponding file will be ignored
--missingok ...
do not fail when <pathname> does not exist
--<resource>|<nr> <value>
set specified (MSH) limit for <resource> to <value>

Valid values for resource are cpu, fsize, data, stack, core, rss, nproc, nofile, memlock, as, locks, msgqueue, nsock, openfd, anon, shmem, semary, nsems, and dentry.

Please report bugs to [email protected]

This program is part of util-vserver


Copyright © 2003 Enrico Scholz This program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This program has absolutely no warranty.