vm_map_insert(9) insert an object into a map


In sys/param.h In vm/vm.h In vm/vm_map.h Ft int Fo vm_map_insert Fa vm_map_t map vm_object_t object vm_ooffset_t offset Fa vm_offset_t start vm_offset_t end vm_prot_t prot Fa vm_prot_t max int cow Fc


The Fn vm_map_insert function inserts a mapping for the entire vm_object Fa object into the target map Fa map .

The Fa offset argument specifies the offset into the Fa object at which to begin mapping. The object's size should match that of the specified address range.

The Fa start and Fa end arguments specify the bounds of the mapped object's window in the address space of Fa map .

The Fa cow argument specifies the flags which should be propagated to the new entry, for example, to indicate that this is a copy-on-write mapping.


This function implicitly creates a new Vt vm_map_entry by calling the internal function Fn vm_map_entry_create .


The Fn vm_map_insert function returns KERN_SUCCESS if the mapping could be made successfully.

Otherwise, KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS will be returned if the start of the range could not be found, or KERN_NO_SPACE if the range was found to be part of an existing entry or if it overlaps the end of the map.


This manual page was written by An Bruce M Simpson Aq [email protected] .