vm_map_lookup_done(9) lookup the vm_object backing a given virtual region

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In sys/param.h In vm/vm.h In vm/vm_map.h Ft int Fo vm_map_lookup Fa vm_map_t *var_map vm_offset_t vaddr vm_prot_t fault_type Fa vm_map_entry_t *out_entry vm_object_t *object vm_pindex_t *pindex Fa vm_prot_t *out_prot boolean_t *wired Fc Ft void Fn vm_map_lookup_done vm_map_t map vm_map_entry_t entry


The Fn vm_map_lookup function attempts to find the Vt vm_object , page index and protection, for the given virtual address Fa vaddr , in the map Fa var_map , assuming a page fault of the type Fa fault_type had occurred.

Return values are guaranteed until Fn vm_map_lookup_done is called to release the lock.


The function Fn vm_map_lookup acquires a read-lock on the map Fa *var_map , but does not release it. The caller should invoke Fn vm_map_lookup_done in order to release this lock.


The Fn vm_map_lookup function returns KERN_SUCCESS and sets the Fa *object , Fa *pindex , Fa *out_prot , and Fa *out_entry arguments appropriately for the hypothetical page fault.


This manual page was written by An Bruce M Simpson Aq [email protected] .