VM::EC2::ELB:HealthCheck(3) Load Balancer Health Check Parameters


use VM::EC2;
$lb = $ec2->describe_load_balancers('my-lb');
my $hc = $lb->HealthCheck;
my $interval = $hc->Interval;
my $target = $hc->Target;
my $healthy_threshold = $hc->HealthyThreshold;
my $unhealthy_threshold = $hc->UnhealthyThreshold;
my $timeout = $hc->Timeout;


This object is used to describe the parameters used to perform healthchecks on a load balancer. Generally you will not call this directly, as all its methods are passed through by the VM::EC2::ELB object returned from the HealthCheck() call.


The following object methods are supported:

 Interval           -- The time interval between health checks
 Target             -- The target protocol protocol and port of the check
 HealthyThreshold   -- The number of successive positive health checks that 
                       need to be completed to be marked as healthy
 UnhealthyThreshold -- The number of successive negative health checks that
                       need to be completed to be marked as unhealthy
 Timeout            -- The time interval of what is considered a timeout


When used in a string context, this object will interpolate object parameters as a series of Key:Value strings


Lance Kinley <[email protected]>.

Copyright (c) 2012 Loyalty Methods, Inc.

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