VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::GroupPermission(3) Object describing an authorized group within a security group firewall rule


$ec2 = VM::EC2->new(...);
$sg = $ec2->describe_security_groups(-name=>'My Group');
@rules = $sg->ipPermissions;
$rule = $rules[0];
@groups = $rule->groups;
for my $g (@groups) {
$userId = $g->userId;
$name = $g>groupName;
$id = $g->groupId;
$group_object = $g->security_group;


This object describes a security group whose instances are granted permission to exchange data traffic with another group of instances. It is returned by the groups() method of VM::EC2::SecurityGroup::ipPermission.

Note that this object is not the same as a bona fide VM::EC2::SecurityGroup, which has access to the group's firewall rules. This object contains just the name, id and owner of a group used within a firewall rule. For groups that belong to you, you can get the full VM::EC2::SecurityGroup object by calling the security_group() method. These details are not available to groups that belong to other accounts.


$id = $group->groupId

Return the group's unique ID.

$id = $group->userId

Return the account ID of the owner of this group.

$id = $group->groupName

Return this group's name.

$string = $group->short_name

Return a string for use in string overloading. See ``STRING OVERLOADING''.

$sg = $group->security_group

For groups that belong to the current account, calls VM::EC2->describe_security_groups() to turn the group name into a VM::EC2::SecurityGroup. For groups that belong to a different account, will return undef, since describe_security_groups() on other accounts is not allowed by Amazon.


When used in a string context, this object will interpolate the user id and group name in the form ``userId/groupName'' for groups that belong to other accounts, and the groupName alone in the case of groups that belong to you.


Lincoln Stein <[email protected]>.

Copyright (c) 2011 Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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