vn_isdisk(9) checks if a vnode represents a disk


In sys/param.h In sys/vnode.h Ft int Fn vn_isdisk struct vnode *vp int *errp


The Fn vn_isdisk function checks to see if Fa vp represents a disk. In order for Fa vp to be a disk, it must be a character device, v_rdev must be valid, and the Vt cdevsw entry's flags must have D_DISK set.

Its arguments are:

Fa vp
The vnode to check.
Fa errp
An integer pointer to store the error number in if the call fails.


If the vnode represents a disk, 1 is returned; otherwise, 0 is returned and Fa errp will contain the error number.


This manual page was written by An Chad David Aq [email protected] .