vnccapture(1) Capture a screenshot via VNC


vnccapture [options] [numcaptures]
-P --password=str password for the VNC server, if applicable
-H --host=str address of VNC server (default: 'localhost')
-p --port=num TCP port for VNC server (default: 5900)
-d --depth=8|16|24 screen depth for capture (default: 24)
-t --type=ext image type for output (default: 'png')
-C --cursor include the mouse cursor in the image
-o --outfile capture to the specified path
otherwise capture to "snapshot<num>.<type>"
-v --verbose print status and diagnostics to STDOUT
-h --help verbose help message
-V --version print the Net::VNC version


Connect to a VNC server and capture the screen one or more times. The output is written to, for example, "snapshot0001.png". The number is the sequence of captures and the extension is specified by the "--type" argument.

The "--type" argument can be any format that Image::Imlib2 can support.


Chris Dolan, [email protected]