voikkovfstc(1) compiler for Varissuo finite state transducers


voikkovfstc -o filename [options]


voikkovfstc is a compiler for Varissuo finite state transducers that are used as dictionaries for libvoikko, a library of language tools for Finnish and other languages. The compiler reads the transducer from stdin in unweighted or weighted AT&T format.


-o filename
Specify name for output file.
-f format
Specify format for output file. Possible formats are 'be' (big endian), 'le' (little endian) or 'native' (use the endianess of the host). Default is 'le'.
-w weight_type
Produce weighted transducers instead of unweighted transducers. Input must be in weighted AT&T format. weight_type must be either 'prob' (probability weights) or 'log' (negative logarithm weights).


voikkovfstc and this manual page were written by Harri Pitk√§nen ([email protected]).