VOP_IOCTL(9) device specific control


In sys/param.h In sys/vnode.h Ft int Fn VOP_IOCTL struct vnode *vp u_long command caddr_t data int fflag struct ucred *cred struct thread *td


Manipulate a file in device dependent ways.

Its arguments are:

Fa vp
The vnode of the file (normally representing a device).
Fa command
The device specific operation to perform.
Fa data
Extra data for the specified operation.
Fa fflag
Some flags ???
Fa cred
The caller's credentials.
Fa td
The calling thread.

Most file systems do not implement this entry point.


The file should not be locked on entry.


If successful, zero is returned, otherwise an appropriate error code.

If the ioctl is not recognized or not handled, Er ENOTTY should be returned.


This manual page was written by An Doug Rabson .