votequorum_qdisk_register(3) Registers a new quorum device


#include <corosync/votequorum.h>

int votequorum_qdisk_register(votequorum_handle_t handle, char * name, unsigned int votes);


The votequorum_qdisk_register is used to register a new quorum device. A quorum device is an external way of adding votes to a small cluster. The quorum device is, in effect, a pseudo node in the cluster that provide votes based on some external device, usually a shared disk partition or perhaps a network router.
This call creates the device but does not mark it active. votequorum_qdisk_poll must be called for the votes to be included in the quorum calculation.
Note that it is the responsibility of the quorum device subsystem (not provided as part of votequorum) to keep all nodes informed of the quorum device status.


This call returns the CS_OK value if successful, otherwise an error is returned.


The errors are undocumented.