vzcfgvalidate(8) validate a container configuration file


vzcfgvalidate [-r ] [-i ] [-v yes|no] configfile


This utility checks validity of resource control parameters in a container configuration file configfile. Some of the User Beancounter parameters have interdependencies, and if those are not met, configuration is inconsistent. The utility finds and reports such inconsistencies.

There are three severity levels in the output: Error, Warning, and Recommendation.


Repair mode (corrects configfile).
Interactive repair mode.
-v yes|no
Whether to treat configfile as VSwap enabled configuration. Default is auto-detect by checking if physpages.limit is not set to unlimited; this option overrides the auto-detection.


Normally, exit status is 0. On program execution error, exit status is 1. If the validation fails, exit status is 2.


Copyright (C) 2000-2011, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL.