vzcptcheck(8) show/test CPT properties


vzcptcheck property [
vzcptcheck help


This low-level utility is used by vzmigrate(8) to check if a container can be succesfully restored on a destination system before performing live migration. Currently, it is able to check CPT version and CPU flags compatibility.

There are two modes of operation: to show a property and to test a property. Showing mode is invoked if a property specified with no arguments; testing mode requires one or many arguments after a property name. Generally, one runs vzcptcheck on one node to get a property, and on the other node to check for the property.

Note that this utility does not guarantee that migration will succeed even if all tests are passed. It merely gives a way to prevent migration which will definitely fail.


vzcptcheck version
version num
To get CPT version number, run vzcptcheck version on the source node. Then, to check if this version number is supported, run vzcptcheck version num on the destination node.
vzcptcheck caps
caps ctid capnum
To get CPU capabilities number, run vzcptcheck caps on the destination node. Then, to check if a CT can be migrated to node with such a CPU, run vzcptcheck caps ctid capnum on the source node.


In showing mode, returns 0 upon success, or 1 in case of an error.

In testing mode, returns 0 if migration is possible (test passed), 1 in case of an error, or 2 if migration is not possible (test failed).


To check if a CT 123 can be migrated to $DEST, run the following commands on the source node. Note that error checking is omitted for brevity.

   VERSION=$(vzcptcheck version)
   echo Got CPT version: $VERSION
   ssh [email protected]$DEST vzcptcheck version $VERSION
   echo Version check result: $?
   CAPS=$(ssh [email protected]$DEST vzcptcheck caps)
   echo Got caps: $CAPS
   vzcptcheck caps $VEID $CAPS
   echo Caps check result: $?

If both tests pass, you should get 0 as a result for both checks.


Copyright (C) 2013, Parallels, Inc. Licensed under GNU GPL v2.