wackatrl(8) IP-failover high-availability controller


wackatrl [-c config_file ] [ -l | -f | -s ]


wackatrl runs the wackatrl IP-failover HA controller and instructs the currently running Wackamole instance to perform an action or display state information.


-c config-file
Use an alternate configuration file config-file instead of wackamole.conf.
Lists the current state (ownership) of virtual interfaces.
Simulate a failure. The local instance will disconnect from Spread and act as if it has failed by dropping its managed interfaces and running whatever dynamic calls have been configured. A peer, should one exist, will assume the responsibility for the interfaces that were dropped.
Recover from a simulated failure. This will tell the local instance to stop simulating failure. The local instance will reconnect to Spread and once again participate in the peer-based HA environment.


The default config file location is dependant on the install prefix. ./wackamole.conf is also searched if a local file is not found.


All error messages, should any be produced will be written to standard error.


No known bugs.


Theo Schlossnagle <[email protected]>