wanna-build-catdb(1) dump wanna-build database


wanna-build-catdb package
wanna-build-catgdbm package
wanna-build-catmldbm package


This man page documents the packaged version of wanna-build. This version is maintained by the buildd-tools project developers on Alioth (https://alioth.debian.org/projects/buildd-tools/).

There is also a version maintained by Ryan Murray which is adapted to build daemon needs, with similar functionality. This version should be equally capable of working in a buildd setup, but has a number of enhancements aimed at making it suitable for use by end-users.


wanna-build-catdb is used to make a raw text dump of a wanna-build database. wanna-build-catdb will dump databases in Berkely DB format, while wanna-build-catgdbm will dump GDBM format databases and wanna-build-catmldbm will dump MLDBM format databases. MLDBM is the database format currently used by wanna-build.

wanna-build-catdb is deprecated. It will not dump the complete multi-level hash structure of current databases, and will be removed in the future. wanna-build provides --export and --import options to dump and restore its database as a text file. Please use these instead of wanna-build-catdb.


The database file to dump.


Database files.


Roman Hodek <[email protected]>, Ryan Murray <rmu[email protected]>, and Roger Leigh <[email protected]>.