wayV(1) capture drawn shapes (gestures), recognize them and carry out associated actions


wayv [configuration file]


A user is able to setup wayV to recognize gestures and associate actions with these gestures. When one of the gestures is inputed and matched an action associated with the gesture occurs, e.g. startup a program, send keypress', etc.

The gestures are created via a 2 dimensional input device, in most cases the standard mouse.

The gestures should be unique symbolic representations of the actions they represent, i.e. draw an N and Netscape starts, draw a circle and Opera starts, draw an > and the keypress' to switch desktops occurs, etc.


is the required configuration file. It is used to configure the user interface, what gestures are recognized, what actions are performed, etc.
is an optional configuration file. It contains the keymaps for keycode, see HOWTO-wayv-keymap that comes with wayV.


wayV was written by Mike Bennett (smoog at stressbunny dot com) with contributions from various others.