wcat(1) printout wtmp entries


wcat [-w wtmp|-] [-adX[3|4]] [-s start] [-e end] [-b H[:M[:S]]] [--help] [--version]


Wcat provides an easy way to recover trimmed information from wtmp binary files. This tool can be useful for scripts that need only partial information from them.

Notice that wcat output is binary wtmp entries so if this information is printed out to a terminal or screen it might mess it up. A better use of wcat would be: wcat | rawtmp -w -


-w wtmp|-
Read alternate wtmp file.
Read tacacs 3.x wtmp format.
Read tacacs 4.0 wtmp format.
Output time in MMM DD HH:MM:SS date format.
Print contents of ut_addr (if it exists) instead of ut_host.
-s start
Display accounting info from `start'.
-e end
Display accounting info up to `end'.
-b H:M:S
Show accounting info from the last few hours/minutes/seconds.
Print this help message.
Print the version of rawtmp.


/var/log/wtmp login database
/usr/adm/radacct/.../detail Radius accounting logs


The upstream author of wcat is Steve Baker ([email protected])

This manpage was written by Javier Fernandez-Sanguino based on help2man for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but can be used by others).