wcsremap(1) AME


remap [,-v/][,-f WCSfile/][,-a rot/][[,-b/][,-j/] ,ra dec/][,-i bits/][,-l num/] ,file1.fit file2.fit /... ,filen.fit/


Remap FITS or IRAF images into single FITS image using WCS
or : remap [-v][-f WCSfile][-a rot][[-b][-j] ra dec][-i bits][-l num] @filelist -a: Output rotation angle in degrees (default 0) -b ra dec: Output center in B1950 (FK4) RA and Dec -e long lat: Output center in ecliptic longitude and latitude -f file: Use WCS from this file as output WCS -g long lat: Output center in galactic longitude and latitude -i num: Number of bits per output pixel (default is input) -j ra dec: center in J2000 (FK5) RA and Dec -l num: Log every num rows of output image -m mode: c closest pixel (more to come) -n num: integer pixel value for blank pixel -o name: Name for output image -p secpix: Output plate scale in arcsec/pixel (default =input) -s: Set BZERO and BSCALE in output file from input file -t: Number of samples per linear output pixel -u: Delete distortion keywords from output file -v: Verbose -w type: Output WCS type (input is default) -x x y: Output image reference X and Y coordinates (default is center) -y nx ny: Output image dimensions (default is first input image)