WebKDC::Config(3) Configuration for the WebAuth WebLogin service


use WebKDC::Config;
my $keyring = $WebKDC::Config::KEYRING_PATH;


WebKDC::Config encapsulates all the site-specific configuration for the WebLogin component of the WebAuth web authentication system. It is implemented as a Perl class that declares and sets the defaults for various configuration variables and then, if it exists, loads the file specified by the WEBKDC_CONFIG environment variable or /etc/webkdc/webkdc.conf if that environment variable isn't set. That file should contain any site-specific overrides to the defaults.

This file must be valid Perl. To set a variable, use the syntax:

    $VARIABLE = <value>;

where VARIABLE is the variable name (always in all-capital letters) and <value> is the value. If setting a variable to a string and not a number, you should normally enclose <value> in ''. For example, to set the variable KEYRING_PATH to "/var/lib/webkdc/keyring", use:

    $KEYRING_PATH = '/var/lib/webkdc/keyring';

There are some settings that take arrays instead of strings or numbers; for those, see the description of the setting for its syntax.

It is also possible to customize WebLogin by defining some Perl functions in the configuration file.

All the configuration settings are documented in docs/weblogin-config in the WebAuth source tree. This is also available on-line at <http://webauth.stanford.edu/weblogin-config.html>.


Roland Schemers and Russ Allbery <[email protected]>.