Web::Scraper::LibXML(3) Drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper to use LibXML


use Web::Scraper::LibXML;
# same as Web::Scraper
my $scraper = scraper { ... };


Web::Scraper::LibXML is a drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper to use the fast libxml-based HTML tree builder, HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML.

This is almost identical to HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML's replace_original installer, like:

  use HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML;
  use Web::Scraper;
  my $scraper = scraper { ... };
  # this code uses LibXML parser

which overrides HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath's new() constructor so that ALL of your code using HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath is switched to the libxml based parser.

This module, instead, gives you more control over which TreeBuilder to use, depending on the site etc.