who-permits-upload(1) look-up Debian Maintainer access control lists


who-permits-upload [-h] [-s keyring] [-d dm_url] [-s search_type] query [query ...]


who-permits-upload looks up the given Debian Maintainer (DM) upload permissions from ftp-master.debian.org and parses them in a human readable way. The tool can search by DM name, sponsor (the person who granted the permission) and by package.


--dmfile=dm_url, -d dm_url
Retrieve the DM permission file from the supplied URL. When this option is not present, the default value https://ftp-master.debian.org/dm.txt is used.
--help, -h
Display a usage summary and exit.
--keyring=keyring, -s keyring
Use the supplied GnuPG keyrings to look-up GPG fingerprints from the DM permission file. When not present, the default Debian Developer and Maintainer keyrings are used (/usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.gpg and /usr/share/keyrings/debian-maintainers.gpg, installed by the debian-keyring package).

Separate keyrings with a colon ``:''.

--search=search_type, -s search_type
Modify the look-up behavior. This influences the interpretation of the query argument. Supported search types are:
Search for a source package name. This is also the default when --search is omitted. Since package names are unique, this will return given ACLs - if any - for a single package.
Search for a Debian Maintainer. This should be (a fraction of) a name. It will return all ACLs assigned to matching maintainers.
Search for a sponsor (i.e. a Debian Developer) who granted DM permissions. This will return all ACLs given by the supplied developer.

Note that this is an expensive operation which may take some time.

A case sensitive argument to be looked up in the ACL permission file. The exact interpretation of this argument is dependent by the --search argument.

This argument can be repeated.


An error occurred
The command line was not understood


who-permits-upload --search=sponsor [email protected]
Search for all DM upload permissions given by the UID ``[email protected]''. Note, that only primary UIDs will match.
who-permits-upload -s=sponsor "Arno Töll"
Same as above, but use a full name instead.
who-permits-upload apache2
Look up who gave upload permissions for the apache2 source package.
who-permits-upload --search=uid "Paul Tagliamonte"
Look up all DM upload permissions given to ``Paul Tagliamonte''.


who-permits-upload was written by Arno Töll <[email protected]> and is licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.