with 'MooX::Log::Any';(3) $self->log->debug(started bar); ### logs with default class catergory MyApp

Other Alias

package MyApp;, use Moo;, sub something {, my $self = @_;


A logging role building a very lightweight wrapper to Log::Any for use with your Moo or Moose classes. Connectibng a Log::Any::Adapter should be performed prior to logging the first log message, otherwise nothing will happen, just like with Log::Any

Using the logger within a class is as simple as consuming a role:

    package MyClass;
    use Moo;
    with 'MooX::Log::Any';
    sub dummy {
        my $self = shift;
        $self->log->info("Dummy log entry");

The logger needs to be setup before using the logger, which could happen in the main application:

    package main;
    use Log::Any::Adapter;
    # Send all logs to Log::Log4perl
    use MyClass;
    my $myclass = MyClass->new();
    $myclass->log->info("In my class"); # Access the log of the object
    $myclass->dummy;                    # Will log "Dummy log entry"



The "log" attribute holds the Log::Any::Adapter object that implements all logging methods for the defined log levels, such as "debug" or "error". As this method is defined also in other logging roles/systems like MooseX::Log::LogDispatch this can be thought of as a common logging interface.

  package MyApp::View::JSON;
  extends 'MyApp::View';
  with 'MooseX:Log::Log4perl';
  sub bar {
    $self->logger->info("Everything fine so far");    # logs a info message
    $self->logger->debug("Something is fishy here");  # logs a debug message


This is an alias for log.


Please report any bugs or feature requests to "[email protected]", or through the web interface at <http://rt.cpan.org>.

Or come bother us in "#moose" on "irc.perl.org".


Roland Lammel "<[email protected]>"

Inspired by the work by Chris Prather "<[email protected]>" and Ash Berlin "<[email protected]>" on MooseX::LogDispatch and Roland Lammel "<[email protected]>" =head1 CONTRIBUTORS

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