wlan_ccmp(4) AES-CCMP crypto support for 802.11 devices


device wlan_ccmp


The module handles the AES-CCMP cryptographic requirements of the WPA and 802.11i protocols. It does encapsulation and decapsulation of CCMP-encoded 802.11 frames and optionally calculates the AES-CCMP cipher. The module is an 802.11 cryptographic plugin module for use by the wlan(4) module. This module is automatically loaded if an AES-CCMP key is configured; typically by a WPA supplicant program such as wpa_supplicant, or a WPA authenticator program such as hostapd Should the underlying network device not be capable of doing the AES-CCMP calculations in hardware, the module will do the work.


More information can be found in the IEEE 802.11, WPA, and 802.11i Standards.


The driver first appeared in Fx 6.0 .