wmanager(1) choose a window manager and launch it


[OPTIONS ... ]


The program displays a choice of the window managers listed in the ~/.wmanagerrc file. When one is picked, the related command is written to standard output, intended to be used by shell scripts. If the program is exited without choosing a window manager, ``-1'' is written to standard output.

Set the foreground color.
Set the background color.
-bg2 COLOR
Set the widget background color
-di[splay] host:n.n
Set the X display.
-dn[d] , -nod[nd]
Enable/disable drag & drop, probably does nothing.
-g[eometry] WxH+X+Y
Set the window size and location.
Start as iconified.
-k[bd] , -nok[bd]
Enable/disable keyboard support.
Set the X window class.
-s[cheme] SCHEME
Unknown, probably does nothing useful.
Set the window title.
-to[oltips] , -not[ooltips]
Enable/disable tooltips, probably does nothing.


To start using , create a ~/.wmanagerrc file - generally with wmanagerrc-update1 - and add something like the following at the end of your ~/.xsession file:

WM="$(wmanager -geometry +570+585)"
exec "$WM"

See also wmanager-loop1 for a nicer way to start .


The program was written by An Meik Tessmer in 1999. This manual page was originally written in perldoc format by An Tommi Virtanen in 2000, and converted to mdoc format by An Peter Pentchev in 2008.


The program - An -nosplit An Meik Tessmer Aq [email protected] .

The manual page - An Tommi Virtanen Aq [email protected] and An Peter Pentchev Aq [email protected] .