wmii9menu(1) The wmii menu program


wmii9menu [-a <address>] [-i <initial>] <item>[:<command>]... wmii9menu -v


wmii9menu is wmii's standard clickable menu program. It's used extensively by wmii and related programs to display clickable menus, namely for window titlebars and bar items. The name, along with the code, derives from the 9menu program, which in turn derives its name from Plan 9's style of clickable menus.


The address at which to connect to wmii.
-i <initial>

If <initial> is listed among the other items on the command line, it is selected at startup, and the menu is positioned so that the mouse pointer is centered on said item.



wmii9menu is invoked with a list of arguments, each of which is displayed as a menu item. The first : in the item name, and any text following it, is stripped. The menu is opened such that the mouse pointer is centered on the selected item. If a mouse button is depressed when the menu opens, then releasing it will confirm the selection. Otherwise, a mouse press will do the same. When a selection is made, wmii9menu prints the result. If the selected item initially contained a :, the text following it is printed. Otherwise, the item text itself is printed.


The address at which to connect to wmii.
The namespace directory to use if no address is provided.