WMSUN(1) Dockable WindowMaker SunRise/SunSet App


wmSun [-h] [-display <Display>] [-lat <Latitude>] [-lon <Longitude>] [-td <TimeDiff>] [-date <yyyymmdd>]


wmSun displays the current day's Sun Rise and Set Times. You must enter your LAtitude and Longitude correctly for it to work.


Display list of command-line options.
-display <display>
Use an alternate X Display.
-lat <Latitude>
Set latitude of observer.
-lon <Longitude>
Set longitude of observer.
-td <UT - LT>
Set the difference beteeen UT and LT. Useful when you want to show the Sunrise/Sunset at a remote lat/lon without resetting your clock.
-date <yyyymmdd>
Set the date to show sunrise/sunset for.


wmSun -lon 106.3 -lat 35.9
this would display rise/set times at Los Alamos in local time.
wmSun -lat 19.58 -lon 155.92 -td 10
this would display rise/set times in Kona, Hawaii in local time (in winter -- you need to take into account daylight savings at other times of the year).


Who knows? (Let me know if you find any).


Michael G. Henderson <[email protected]>