wmtuxtime(1) view battery status and set power saving options on a Toshiba


wmtuxtime [ -cnhv ]


wmTuxTime is a small WindowMaker/Enlightment/AfterStep dockable applet for displaying the battery status and setting the power saving options on Toshiba laptops.

As well as monitoring the main battery you can also view the status of any addtional battery installed in the SelectBay. There are also user configurable battery alarms to warn of low power.

The main window contains a digital time remaining display, a bar graph showing the remaining battery percentage, a digital percent remaining display and an icon to indicate the power source. When running on the battery the time remaining display indicates the estimated time till the battery is flat in hours and minutes. When connected to the mains and the battery is charging the red C in the corner comes on and the time is an estimate of the time till the battery reaches full charge. When fully charged and on the mains it indicates the estimated battery life if you where to switch to batteries.

The battery bar graph changes from green to yellow on reaching the low battery status, and red on reaching the critical battery status. When a battery is installed.

The functions of the four buttons along the botton of the applet in order left to right are:

switch between the displaying the main battery, SelectBay battery and combined total if a battery is installed in the SelectBay
Starts a suspend sequence, regardless of the current power up setting.
Set the low and critical battery warning alarms.
Call tuxtime-conf to set the battery save options


-c, --contrast
Use alternative colours that improves the contrast of the display. This is particularly useful on low contrast displays such as DSTN, or if you are running with the backlight on a low setting.
-n, --normal
Have normal window decorations. This should enable the program to be docked in an AfterStep or Enlightment dock bar. It also enables makes some window manages take heed of the geometry option.
Specify which X server to display the program on.
Specify some hints on the window position using standard Xt geometry option. It should be noted that size arguments are ignored.
-h, --help
Display a short help message and exit.
-v, --version
Print the version number and exit.


On recent models setting the HDD Auto off and Display Auto Off functions do not work.


This program was written by Jonathan Buzzard ([email protected]) and may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program.