wnpp-alert(1) check for installed packages up for adoption or orphaned


wnpp-alert [--diff] [package ...]
wnpp-alert --help|--version


wnpp-alert downloads the lists of packages which have been orphaned (O), are up for adoption (RFA), or the maintainer has asked for help (RFH) from the WNPP webpages, and then outputs a list of packages installed on the system, or matching the listed packages, which are in those lists.

Note that WNPP, and therefore wnpp-alert's output, is source package based.


--diff, -d
If the $XDG_CACHE_HOME/devscripts directory exists, compare the output of wnpp-alert to the previous output (cached in the file wnpp-diff) and output the differences.
--help, -h
Show a summary of options.
--version, -v
Show version and copyright information.


wnpp-alert was written by Arthur Korn <[email protected]> and modified by Julian Gilbey <[email protected]> for the devscripts package. It is in the public domain.