wsola(1) program to stretch and compress (speed up/slow down) audio without altering its pitch.


wsola inputFile outputFile factor


wsola speeds up or slows down audio, without pitch alteration. The two files input/output are accessed using the libsndfile library and thus may be in many formats supported by libsndfile.
The input argument 'factor' specifies the output speed of the audio. Factors > 1 imply slowing of audio. Factors < 1 imply the speeding up of audio. For example a factor of 0.5 will double the speed of the audio. A factor of 2.0 will halve the speed of the audio. A factor = 1.0 will leave the audio unaltered.
WSOLA operates using the Waveform Similarity overlap add method [1]. For more information on the signal processing employed by WSOLA please read the file 'hybridDomainProcessing.pdf'.


wsola was written by Matt Flax <[email protected]>.


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