wzd-config(1) retrieve information about the installed version of wzdftpd


wzd-config { --prefix | --exec-prefix | --data-dir | --libs | --cflags | --version }...


The wzd-config utility prints configuration parameters of the currently installed version of wzdftpd. It is intended, for example, to be used by software packages that want to interface to wzdftpd to facilitate finding the required header files and libraries.


To use wzd-config, supply one or more of the following options:

Print the installation prefix, as specified in configure script.
Print the installation prefix for executables, usually the same as prefix. This is where you will find server ($eprefix/sbin) or tools ($eprefix/bin).
Print installation dir for data, modules and backends.
Print the location of object code libraries (use to develop new extensions).
Print the location of include headers (use to develop new extensions).
Print the version of wzdftpd and exit.

If more than one option (except for --version) is given, the information is printed in that order, one item per line.


In releases prior to wzdftpd 0.4, before the wzd-config came to be, a method for finding the equivalent configuration information did not exist.


The wzd-config utility first appeared in wzdftpd 0.4.