X12::Parser::Cf(3) Perl module for reading X12 configuration files.


use X12::Parser::Cf;
# Create a X12::Parser::Cf object
my $cf = new X12::Parser::Cf;
# Read/load a cf file
$cf->load ( file => '837_004010X098.cf' );


X12::Parser::Cf module is created to read the configuration files that are created for parsing X12 transaction files. This module is used in the X12::Parser module and is not designed for independent usage.

Note that this module does not do syntax checking of the configuration file. The user should ensure that he has got the cf file correct.

Read the X12::Parser::Readme man page for details.

The sample cf files provided with this package are good to the best of the authors knowledge. However the user should ensure the validity of these files. The user may use them as is at his own risk.


Prasad Balan, [email protected]


Copyright 2009 by Prasad Balan

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.