x52output(1) command line frontend for the x52pro library


x52output text 0 'First Line'
x52output text 1 'Second Line'
x52output text 2 'Third Line'
x52output bri 0 40
x52output bri 1 50
x52output led 1 1 # not available for old X52
x52output time 1 12 20
x52output date 7 10 17
x52output second 30 # YOKE only
x52output offset 0 1 0 90 # set 90 minutes offset on time display 2


x52output is a command line frontend for the x52pro MFD library. It is intended for debugging and/or scripting purposes.

The x52pro MFD library provides access to the display/LEDS of following SAITEK pro flight devices

  • X52 Pro Flight Control System
  • X52 Flight Control System
  • X52 Pro Flight Yoke.

x52output has following sub-commands:

text line text
Outputs a single line of text to one of the three lines on the x52/x52pro MFD. line is a number from 0 to 2, text is an alphanumeric text of length 16. Some graphical characters are also supported but no work has currently been spent on charset compatibility.

bri mfd brightness
Sets the brightness of either the button LEDs (x52pro only) or the MFD. mfd=0 selects the buttons and mfd=1 selects the MFD. brightness is a decimal value in the range from 0 to 127.

led led-idx color
Sets the led color of one of the x52pro buttons. led-idx is a value from 1 to 19. The meaning of the led-idx values are specified in the next paragraph.

time h24 hour minute
Sets the time shown on the MFD. h24=0 displays the time in AM/PM notation, h24=1 displays the time in 24 Hour notation. hour is a value from 0 to 24 while minute is a value from 0 to 60.

date year month mday
Sets the date shown on the MFD. year, month, and mday are just values from 0 to 99. Using this order will show as YY-MM-DD on the MFD but it is possible to use the three values in any order preferred.

second second
Sets the second value shown on the Pro Flight Yoke MFD. Can be a value from 0 to 59.

offset offset
Sets the time offset of the secondary and tertiary time display of the x52/x52pro MFD. idx=0 selects the secondary display while idx=1 selects the tertiary display. neg=0 sets a positive offset, neg=1 sets a negative offset. offset is in minutes from 0 to 1023.

led-idx for the led sub-command can be one of the following values:

LED(s) of Fire Button
Red LED of A Button
Green LED of A Button
Red LED of B Button
Green LED of B Button
Red LED of D Button
Green LED of D Button
Red LED of E Button
Green LED of E Button
Red LED of T1 Switch
Green LED of T1 Switch
Red LED of T2 Switch
Green LED of T2 Switch
Red LED of T3 Switch
Green LED of T3 Switch
Red LED of Coolie Hat
Green LED of Coolie Hat
Red LED of i Button
Green LED of i Button

x52output needs write access to the raw x52 USB device. This package is supplied with udev rules for providing write access on the SAITEK MFD joysticks to the plugdev group members. If x52output fails, permission problems can be checked by means of running it with sudo.


If the joystick/yoke is not found x52output will return a status code of 1. In every other situation it will return a status code of 0. This includes malformed command lines.


x52output can currently control only a single SAITEK mfd device. If there are more than one devices attached to the system, the first will always be used.


Written by Eduard Hasenleithner <[email protected]>