xb_check(1) beautify your screen

Other Alias

xbanner, freetemp


xbanner [options] files ...
freetemp [-display displayname]
xb_check <file


This manual page documents briefly the xbanner , freetemp, and xb_check commands.

xbanner is a screen beautification command. It has a multitude of options; see /usr/share/doc/xbanner/XBanner_Users_Manual.html for a full explination.

freetemp should be run after xbanner, once you want to get rid of the screen display xbanner creates. This will free up some memory.

xb_check reads standard input, expecting to get an X resources file for xbanner. It will check the input for validity and flag errors.


This manual page was written by Joey Hess, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.