xchat-gnome(1) a new front-end to the popular xchat IRC client


xchat-gnome [OPTION...]


Help Options:

-?, --help
Show help options
Show all help options
Show GTK+ Options
Show Bonobo Activation options
Show GNOME options
Show session management options
Show GNOME GUI options

Application Options:

-d, --cfgdir=directory
Use directory instead of the default config dir
-a, --no-auto
Don't auto-connect to servers
-n, --no-plugins
Don't auto-load plugins
-u, --url=irc://server:port/channel
Open an irc:// url
-e, --existing
Open URL in an existing XChat-GNOME instance
-v, --version
Show version information
X display to use


Marco Cabizza <[email protected]>
Guillaume Desmottes <[email protected]>