xdms(1) decompressing Amiga DMS files


xdms [-d destdir] [-p passwd] [-q] [-v] <command> dmsfile [outputfile]
xdms u
Unpack file
xdms b
Show attached banner
xdms d
Show attached FILEID.DIZ
xdms f
View full image information
xdms t
Test archive
xdms v
View DMS archive information
xdms x
Extract files inside DMS archives using readdisk
xdms z
Unpack to disk image and compress with gzip


This manual page documents briefly the xdms command.

xdms is a tool for decompressing Amiga DMS files. DMS files contain disk images that are these days mainly useful for Amiga emulation. It can unpack DMS images to ADF images.


-d destdir
Unpack to a separate destination directory.
Override errors. Useful for desperate data salvaging.
-p passwd
Decrypt with a password.
Be quiet.
Be verbose.


To unpack a DMS file, do:
xdms u foo.dms




xdms was written by Andre' Rodrigues de la Rocha, but now hosted and maintained by Heikki Orsila <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Gürkan Sengün <[email protected]>, for the Debian project, and Heikki Orsila <[email protected]>.