xfbbC(8) Console for the fbb mailbox


xfbbC [options]


This is the console client for the xfbbd BBS daemon.


-h <address>
Hostname address of the xfbbd server.
-d <file>
Download remote configuration file.
-u <file>
Upload configuration file.
Display remote directory.
Data filtering. Control characters are discarded.
-p <port>
IP port number (default 3286).
-w <password>
password of the callsign as defined in passwd.sys.
-i <callsign>
Callsign used for connection.
Console connection.
-m <channel>
Displays a connected channel (0 = all channels).
Don't use ncurses.
-s <svc_nb>
Request service number.


Environment variables used by xfbbC are:
XFBBC_HOST : hostname (default localhost).
XFBBC_PORT : socket port (default 3286).
XFBBC_CALL : my callsign.
XFBBC_PASS : password string of passwd.sys in xfbbd.


This manual page was written by Joop Stakenborg <[email protected]>.