xfe(1) A lightweight file manager for X Window


xfe [-h] [--help] [-v] [--version] [-i] [--iconic] [-m] [--maximized] [-p n] [--panel n] [FOLDER | FILE...]


X File Explorer (xfe) is a lightweight file manager for X Window, written using the FOX toolkit. It is desktop independent and can easily be customized. It has Windows Commander or MS-Explorer look and it's very fast and small. Xfe is based on the popular, but discontinued X Win Commander, written by Maxim Baranov.


Roland Baudin <[email protected]>.


xfe accepts the following options:
-h, --help
Print the help screen and exit.
-v, --version
Print version information and exit.
-i, --iconic
Start iconified.
-m, --maximized
Start maximized.
-p n, --panel n
Force panel view mode to n (n=0 => Tree and one panel, n=1 => One panel, n=2 => Two panels, n=3 => Tree and two panels).
Specifies a list of folders or files to open when starting xfe. They can be regular paths like /home/test, or URIs like file:///home/test. The first two folders are displayed in the file panels, the others are ignored. The number of files to open is not limited.