xfmmailcap(1) show mailcap information as parsed by xfm


xfmmailcap --help

xfmmailcap mime-type [(default|all|edit|view) [filename]]


xfmmailcap parses the xfm(1)'s mailcap file (see xfm_mailcap(5) for its format) and prints information about what command xfm would use when told to open a file of the given mime-type.

If there is no second argument, the default it default.

If there is a third argument, xfmmailcap will insert this filename into the action. (This is not yet implemented)



Show all information collected about this mime-type.


Show the action xfm(1) would start when confronted with this action, together with all debug output xfm would show when the echoMimeSearch resource represents True. It first tries everything the edit action would show and if nothing is found there, then it tries the view action.


Find the best (in the sense of highest priority) command to edit this mime type.


Find the best (in the sense of highest priority) command to view this mime type. (There is yet no way to trigger that from within xfm).


xfmmailcap has the paths $HOME/.xfm/xfm_mailcap and /etc/X11/xfm/xfm_mailcap built in statically. This differs from xfm(1), where all of these can be changed by means of X resources.


If this file exists, it is read and its content used as mailcap database. See xfm_mailcap(5) for its format.
If the previous file is not found, this one is used instead. Same format.


Copyright © 2006 Bernhard R. Link
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.