xfmpc(1) graphical GTK+ MPD client focusing on low footprint.


Xfmpc is a MPD (Music Player Daemon) client, with focus on low footprint for the Xfce desktop environment.


MPD_HOST - Server Hostname.
MPD_PORT - Server Port.


To connect to a remote machine set the environment variables MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT. See mpc(1) for more information

Default Keybindings
Go backward - Ctrl+B
Play/Pause -Ctrl+P
Stop - Ctrl+S
Go forward - Ctrl+F
Volume - Ctrl+V
Quit - Ctrl+Q

Playlist and Filter Entry
Activate selected song - Enter
Clear entry and recenter to current song - Escape

Database Browser
Go to parent directory - BackSpace
Add a multiple selection to the playlist - Enter


To report a bug against xfmpc (*not* the Debian package, but the client itself), please go to:


(c) 2008 - 2009 Mike Massonnet <[email protected]>