XkbGetKeyTypes(3) Obtain the list of available key types in the server's


Status XkbGetKeyTypes (Display *dpy, unsigned int first, unsigned int num, XkbDescPtr xkb);


- dpy
connection to X server
- first
index to first type to get, 0 => 1st type
- num
number of key types to be returned
- xkb
keyboard description containing client map to update


XkbGetKeyTypes queries the server for the desired types, waits for a reply, and returns the desired types in the xkb->map->types. If successful, it returns Success.

XkbGetKeyTypes returns BadAccess if the Xkb extension has not been properly initialized and BadValue if the combination of first and num results in numbers out of valid range.

NOTE: XkbGetKeyTypes is used to obtain descriptions of the key types themselves, not the key types bound to individual keys. To obtain the key types bound to an individual key, refer to the key_sym_map field of the client map.


The Xkb extension has not been properly initialized
An argument is out of range