XkbLookupKeySym(3) Find the symbol associated with a key for a particular state


Bool XkbLookupKeySym (Display *dpy, KeyCode key, unsigned int state, unsigned int *mods_rtrn, KeySym *sym_rtrn);


- dpy
connection to X server
- key
key for which symbols are to be found
- state
state for which symbol should be found
- mods_rtrn
backfilled with consumed modifiers
- sym_rtrn
backfilled with symbol associated with key + state


XkbLookupKeySym is the equivalent of the core XLookupKeySym function. For the core keyboard, given a keycode key and an Xkb state state, XkbLookupKeySym returns the symbol associated with the key in sym_rtrn and the list of modifiers that should still be applied in mods_rtrn. The state parameter is the state from a KeyPress or KeyRelease event. XkbLookupKeySym returns True if it succeeds.