XML::DOM::CharacterData(3) Common interface for Text, CDATASections and Comments


XML::DOM::CharacterData extends XML::DOM::Node

The CharacterData interface extends Node with a set of attributes and methods for accessing character data in the DOM. For clarity this set is defined here rather than on each object that uses these attributes and methods. No DOM objects correspond directly to CharacterData, though Text, Comment and CDATASection do inherit the interface from it. All offsets in this interface start from 0.


getData and setData (data)
The character data of the node that implements this interface. The DOM implementation may not put arbitrary limits on the amount of data that may be stored in a CharacterData node. However, implementation limits may mean that the entirety of a node's data may not fit into a single DOMString. In such cases, the user may call substringData to retrieve the data in appropriately sized pieces.
The number of characters that are available through data and the substringData method below. This may have the value zero, i.e., CharacterData nodes may be empty.
substringData (offset, count)
Extracts a range of data from the node.

 offset  Start offset of substring to extract.
 count   The number of characters to extract.

Return Value: The specified substring. If the sum of offset and count exceeds the length, then all characters to the end of the data are returned.

appendData (str)
Appends the string to the end of the character data of the node. Upon success, data provides access to the concatenation of data and the DOMString specified.
insertData (offset, arg)
Inserts a string at the specified character offset.

 offset  The character offset at which to insert.
 arg     The DOMString to insert.

deleteData (offset, count)
Removes a range of characters from the node. Upon success, data and length reflect the change. If the sum of offset and count exceeds length then all characters from offset to the end of the data are deleted.

 offset  The offset from which to remove characters. 
 count   The number of characters to delete.

replaceData (offset, count, arg)
Replaces the characters starting at the specified character offset with the specified string.

 offset  The offset from which to start replacing.
 count   The number of characters to replace. 
 arg     The DOMString with which the range must be replaced.

If the sum of offset and count exceeds length, then all characters to the end of the data are replaced (i.e., the effect is the same as a remove method call with the same range, followed by an append method invocation).