XML::Grove::AsCanonXML(3) output XML objects in canonical XML


use XML::Grove::AsCanonXML;
# Using as_canon_xml method on XML::Grove objects:
$string = $xml_object->as_canon_xml( OPTIONS );
# Using an XML::Grove::AsCanonXML instance:
$writer = XML::Grove::AsCanonXML->new( OPTIONS );
$string = $writer->as_canon_xml($xml_object);
$writer->as_canon_xml($xml_object, $file_handle);


"XML::Grove::AsCanonXML" will return a string or write a stream of canonical XML for an XML object and it's content (if any).

"XML::Grove::AsCanonXML" objects hold the options used for writing the XML objects. Options can be supplied when the the object is created,

    $writer = XML::Grove::AsCanonXML->new( Comments => 1 );

or modified at any time before writing an XML object by setting the option directly in the `$writer' hash.


By default comments are not written to the output. Setting comment to TRUE will include comments in the output.


Ken MacLeod, [email protected]