XML::Grove::IDs(3) return an index of `id' attributes in a grove


use XML::Grove::IDs;
# Using get_ids method on XML::Grove::Document or XML::Grove::Element:
$hash = $grove_object->get_ids($attr_name, $elements);
# Using an XML::Grove::IDs instance:
$indexer = XML::Grove::IDs->new($attr_name, $elements);
my $hash = {};
$grove_object->accept($indexer, $hash);


"XML::Grove::IDs" returns a hash index of all nodes in a grove with an `id' attribute. The keys of the hash are the ID attribute value and the value at that key is the element. `$attr_name' and `$elements' are optional. The attribute name defaults to `"id"' if `$attr_name' is not supplied. Indexing can be restricted to only certain elements, by name, by providing a hash containing NAME=>1 values.


Ken MacLeod, [email protected]